こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa).
Don’t worry I am not going to continue in Japanese. I am pursuing my graduation course of Computer Engineering. Basically I am obsessed with computers. People who got me interested in this field ?
>>Linus Torvalds(Linux Kernel programmer)
>>Richard Stallman(GNU Guru)
>>Elon Musk( Tesla Founder and SpaceX)
>>Bill Gates(Obviously!)

So I was all pumped up and ready for my thing but when you think about it, it’s really TOUGH!! Even though you think you have the idea, it is is really difficult to put it in reality.

I am a programming enthusiast. I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. The one thing I can’t live without (Any Guesses?).
Yes you guessed it right…..
>>INTERNET 😛 (my mom shouldn’t read this) I browse a LOT of sites everyday..

My dream is to do be really good at Computers.

I am mad about movies. I watch a lot of movies.My favorite movie
>>”Interstellar”(loved Christopher Nolan).
I love dancing crazy(Literally.!). I am an avid reader. My thing for the immediate future is trying to make apps for various platforms, and learn more and more about computers.

I’ve got my thing figured out and I hope you too get your thing soon.

I love experiencing new things both bad and good. I believe experiences shape a man and give us something special to learn. I will be sharing my most cherished and the most horrible experiences of my life in this blog. Hope you guys love it !

ありがとう(Thank You!)


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